My name is Cameron Larkin, I’m the person behind The Official Cocktail Blogger this all started when my wife and I loved going out for cocktails and started taking photos in new bars and restaurants.

Good old Aussie mate-ship kicked in, asking why he was drinking cocktails (like a girl) instead of beer. So I decided to become The Official Cocktail Blogger to show men also love cocktails.

Join in my journey with great recipes to awesome new products from around the world. I will showcase whats inspired me and also what is trending in South Australia.

The Official Cocktail Blogger is dedicated to sharing my experience that can occur in the presence of a great cocktail and a talented bartender.

Cocktails have so many variations, from a world renowned to a local spirit possibilities are endless. The cocktail scene is thriving it’s also very competitive that’s why I showcase to everyone how Adelaide has such a high standard in cocktails.

These stories and recipes are meant to highlight what I have come to love about craft cocktail culture and perhaps even inspire readers to go and experience it for themselves. It presents the cocktail as the avenue through which great stories are exchanged, our best jokes are told and our fondest memories are relived.

“It’s not all about drinking to get drunk. It’s about the experience.” – Cameron Larkin