La Vera Belmondo

Quality craftmanship and detailed attention are what is required for cheese manufacturing, and at Le Vara they have both, in plenty. Last night at La Vera’s shop in Newton they launched their newest addition to the line  Belmondo, a buffalo milk blue cheese  the only 100% Buffalo milk cheese in South Australia. 

Beginning the evening we were taught how to properly taste a cheese (who knew?), and much like wine, it’s a skill that requires repetition – which we are 100% ok with. The tasting experience of a cheese first requires you to see it, feel it, smell it then taste it, and lastly to hear it. I know right, hear it? That will need some practise. 

Once we’d learned the delicate stages of cheese tasting on their star Belmondo, we got the absolute pleasure of tasting a variety of their other cheeses that were displayed incredibly on a table long platter with fruits, breads and honey to accompany. There was not a single cheese on that table that did not bring a degree of delight when first encountered, my favourite after Belmondo? Their deliciously creamy stracchino.

When I say ‘their star Belmondo’ though, I mean it. It’s creamy yet crumbly texture melts in your mouth with a subtle yet obvious bite of the blue. I enjoyed it on its absolute own however, when paired with honey or quince it’s still as delicious with slight dull in intensity. 

La Vera then gave us the opportunity to appreciate the combinations of colours, shapes and textures that go into a cheese platter by putting one together ourselves, and let me tell you it’s an art that I am not naturally gifted in. 

La Vera put on an exceptional launch, with an exceptional product. Their cheeses are available at Drake’s, Romeo’s and Chapley’s Foodlands and on premise at their store in Newton, be sure to pair it with your finest red.

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