The Little French Wine Bar

You wouldn’t be the first person to previously walk past The Little French Wine Bar and not realise what you were missing. Formerly known as La Vigne, the bar has gone through a complete makeover and what was once quaint and sophisticated is now a beautiful dèsordre of French champagne, French cheese and the kind of chic French artwork that makes you want to BE French (tu sais?).

The owner Will Blanc, a French patisserie chef that bakes all the pastries for his neighbouring café, La Madeleine (and if you haven’t already get yourself there, if you have already you know what I’m talking about), knew La Vigne was failing to create the French vibe he loved (and we love) so much about his home and thus, created what we, the locals, call The Little French.

If you’re up the east side of The Parade in Norwood, you can now find the The Little French by the suitably ‘graffitied’ name on the front window (which to be honest I wasn’t sure was done on purpose) that is indeed warning you of the kind of grungy but damn stylish bar you’re about to walk into.

The bar consists of French wines you won’t find anywhere else in SA, European beers and spirits, and a range of cocktails only available here. There’s happy hour from 5-7, a cheese platter with your first bottle of champagne (I mean, WHAT?!), a function area out the back, a bbq to cook your own food on (but c’mon, there’s cheese), and the most enchanting French band, Mélange à Trois, that’ll bless your soul for hours into the evening, and I’m not exaggerating.

If you are doing one or more of the following things then this is the place you need to be: after work drinks, drinks with your girls, drinks with your guys, drinks with your honey, drinks with your family, drinks on your own, pre-dinner drinks, after dinner drinks, hosting a party or partaking in the classic French activity – people watching.

So now when you’re in the area and you walk past you’ll know exactly what you’re missing.

246-248 The Parade


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