Maksim Mrvica

Croatian born Maksim Mrvica started to play piano when he was nine and held his first concert by age 11. Despite harsh conditions during wartime Croatia, he later won first prize at the Rubinstein Piano Competition in Paris.

Today, Maksim is the world’s biggest selling crossover pianist with albums sold over 4 million copies in 57 countries, winning numerous awards including MTV music award for the best debutant of the year in Asia.

A ground-breaking pianist, Maksim’s live performance showcases classical music reimagined with electronic elements, combining strong personal style and rock star charisma. His best are Claudine and Croatian Rhapsody.

Maksim brought me back on how music should be treated with natural beauty and Maksim gave every note with a piece of elegance.It made you appreciate the simple things.

He also brought intensity and by the end of the show I was literally head banging to Maksims performance.

It’s something you have to see for yourself. I highly recommend seeing Maksim and also thanks to Popese for bringing in this talent that so many more Australians need to see him perform.

Below is more tour dates throughout Australia.

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