Shaken & Stirred

If you’ve spent any time around Victoria Square, you know where The Collins Bar is. An easy but charming location to stop in for a cold beer, a warm shot of (butterscotch) whiskey or now, an exclusive martini cocktail.

This month The Collins Bar, teaming up with the Adelaide Hills Distillery, have created a limited, September only Martini Menu.  Yes, you heard me, a menu … for martinis. What a delight.

To launch the new martini menu “Shaken and Stirred” – which consists of five different martini cocktails – they decided to really ‘shake’ things up. Stepping away from behind the bar, allowing us amateurs to take the reins. We were able to learn the process and taste the unique flavours from each of the ingredients. Firstly, with 3 classic style gin martinis’ using a different gin for each, from the Adelaide Hills Distillery, the martinis slowly went from dry to sweet and were all as unique as the cocktail menu.

Speaking of, when we got the tick of approval we didn’t skip a beat trying out our new-found talents on the bigger and bolder. The five cocktails – Violet Rumble, Apple Pie, City of Lights, El Cadaver and Imperial Mandarin – are incredibly different and there is no doubt, that after tasting all of them (at least one or five times) you’ll find a cocktail that suits you. If you’re a classic martini kind of folk then my biggest recommendation is the Rosso Vermouth/Sunset gin combo, but if martinis aren’t you’re thing the gin still pairs perfectly with tonic.

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