Guzman Y Gomez

Guzman Y Gomez (GYG) is an Australian born, Mexican inspired retail chain that is rapidly expanding across the country. GYG, along with BPPR consultancy invited us to the opening of their new Gouger street restaurant. Guzman Y Gomez first opened in 2012 in Sydney and the Gouger Street address in Adelaide’s Chinatown is the second for South Australia.

Along with a fast paced and healthy menu, GYG offer a selection of alcoholic beverages, which makes it the perfect location to start a night in town, or a quick dinner during the week. A ‘create your own’ type menu is on offer so it is easy to cater to dietary and taste requirements. Start with a variation of a burrito, taco, nacho, quesadilla or salad and add your protein and veggies.

Along with the imported ‘Jarrito’ soft drinks, the restaurant also offers Coronas and two mexican themed frozen cocktails; Frozen Margarita (as the name suggests) and Latin Lemonade (with vodka).

As the restaurant is based on authentic Mexican food, quality is the main focus, with the freshest ingredients used, and cooked daily – no microwaves!

We loved our meal at GYG and the cocktails and alcohol option adds a little something different to the average takeaway.

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