Electra House Hotel have paired up with Utonic drinks to create a new sugar and guilt free cocktail ‘Ginbucha’.

Dubbed a ‘Repair Drink’, kombucha is a brewed tea drink containing probiotics and antioxidants – the latest health craze and is great for your gut. The Utonic Kombucha has light flavours that pair well with gin and there is even a non alcoholic cocktail option. The brand started in Adelaide so is always a great option for those wanting to support local business.

Regular gin and tonic has long been the choice for those wanting to avoid a hangover, and I’m loving the lighter twist to the drink. On the menu is Sparkling Pomegranate, Sparkling Ginger and Tumeric, Sparkling Mixed Berry, Sparkling Lemon and Lime (non alcoholic). Each cocktail is carefully paired with an infused gin to match.

Electra House can be found on 131 King William Street Adelaide, and is housed underneath ‘Level One’ restaurant. A stunning venue built in 1901, the bar is perfect for midweek drinks or a casual night out, with something on the menu for everyone, there is sure to be a drink that will fit into your macros!

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